Free hair soap sample with all website orders this month

We understand that hair soaps can take a bit of getting used to and you may be unsure about trying something so different. That is why we are offering a small sample with every website order this month. Just let me know in the notes field, which hair soap you would like to try.

New in the shop for this month is "odds & ends". When we cut our soap loaves, we are left with the not-so-pretty soap ends. These can sometimes be a funny shape but of course, work just as well as the full-size soaps.

CHF 5 - random selection, 4 thin soap ends CHF 5 - 1 thicker soap end, min. 70g

New stockists for September:

I love the Chez Mamie shops because they have so many things that you can buy unpackaged.

The latest store to open in Zurich has an amazing location on Zollstrasse, just a few minutes walk from the main station. They have only been open a few weeks but already have so many different products (all bio).

You can find a range of our face & body soaps (naked ones ;)) here.

Kreativminna's is run by three women from the St. Gallen region who are creative with great attention to detail.

They attach great importance to natural and sustainable materials.

"minna" in Icelandic means "less" ...

They deliberately say no to plastic and use only products which are environmentally friendly.

​A new addition to their range is a "Lümpli" (available in different colours) with one of our 50g sample soaps.

Collab is a beautiful store with products from local designers as well as a work space and pop-up space in Züri west.

Their focus is clearly on beautiful items with a great design but that are also produced ethically / sustainably.

You can find a range of our face & body and hair soaps here.

New Ingredients and Collaborations:

We spend a lot of time choosing the ingredients that we use in our soaps. The main criteria that we look for are #organic #vegan #fairtrade and packaged in as little plastic as possible.

Our latest order of shea butter is coming from SHEAYEAH. SHEA YEAH is a natural and conscious cosmetics label with roots in Ghana and Switzerland. They combine traditions around shea butter and Swiss herbs. As skin experts, they care about the health of your skin and plead for "less, better".

They are also a proud member of the Global Shea Alliance . It promotes the sustainability of the shea industry, quality practices and standards.

Here are some photos of Sandra's visit to Ghana...

All photo credits go to Sandra Fischer from SHEA YEAH - thanks Sandra!

Our 25kg of shea butter is currently on it's way to us by ship (not plane) and we can't wait to use it in our next soaps!

We have also found another local supplier in J'cocos. I met Jenny at the recent Vegana event in Zurich and tried all of her products. It's amazing how many things can be made from a coconut! As well as coconut oil, they have coconut butter, coconut nectar, coconut chips, coconut sugar and even coconut vinegar. I have tried them all and can highly recommend them. Follow J'cocos on instagram and you will get lots of recipes and ideas of how to use their products.

Thanks for the pics J'cocos :)

J'cocos source their coconut products from a family run business in Thailand. They have been out to visit the farm and can guarantee organic standards and fair working conditions. Also, monkeys are absolutely not exploited here (unlike with some bigger companies)!

We are looking forward to using your coconut oil in our soaps..

Thanks for reading and have a great October,


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